Process Triage


A medical triage assesses patients, determines how severe their injuries are and then treats them in the right order within available capabilities.

In Process Triage, our patients are business processes and instead of injuries we have inefficiencies and other points of pain that hinder performance goals.

Process Triage is an interactive workshop designed to help identify and fix the inefficiencies in the processes your business needs to grow. Our facilitators guide your team through the identification of pain points and our team focused exercises put your employees on the frontline, deciding solutions to each pain point and identifying the steps required to achieve those solutions.

These action items and project proposals are practical and achievable and will deliver results within 90 days.

One day of triaging delivers 90 days of improvement opportunities

Worth our time compared to anything else in our queue.
Confident teamwork will improve.
Certain our leaders will resource our improvements

Delighted Triage Sponsors
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About Us

We’ve triaged over a thousand mission-critical
business processes in enterprises of all types and
sizes, from start-ups to Fortune® 500.

We’ve triaged manual workflows, fully
automated processes, and everything in

We triage processes from their design and
conception phase to processes that threaten
business continuity; your business’s very life. In
fact, the hotter the kitchen the better.

While we focus your team to lead your
improvements, process triaging is not play; it’s
intense, and demands your best expert’s efforts.

We never forget that you are triaging because
you can’t stand the pain, that things must
change, and your team should be given the first
shot at it.

  • You Can Trust our Proven Method

    Just as repeatable quality comes from a well-designed and executed business process, our triaging protocol, facilitated by our certified consultants, has been refined to deliver 90-days of immediate, team-led improvements focused on the triage sponsor’s goals, each time, every time.

  • Your Team Can‘t Fix What Your Team Can’t See

    Your triage’s first deliverable is your triage team’s view of their process, the way they need to see it to identify what’s holding it back.

  • You Point the Way

    You set the process’s improvement direction by defining and delivering your team’s Process Capability Goal – what your process must sustain to deliver its share of your strategic objectives.

  • You’ll See Pain That Matters

    Your triage team will identify, in fact-based measurable terms, what’s hindering their capability goal.

  • You’ll Get Solutions, Not Problems

    Your triaged team proposes actionable solutions to remedy every pain point. These improvements are sized and prioritized to deliver the best improvements first.

  • You’ll See the Path Forward

    Your post-triage 90-day improvement plan will guide immediate fixes and longer term investments, while syncing expectations from front-line performers to senior executives.

Not sure if a triage will work for you?

Triages work for any industry

We help all kinds of enterprises, big and small, become more efficient and more profitable.

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What other say about Process Triage!

The day of Process Triage was engaging for all of the staff that participated, and they were fired up about the improvements to be made. Rolling out our new process map to the organization as a whole has resulted in an increased sense of ownership of individual roles in the overall processes, and is filling the accountability gaps that existed previously. Perhaps the biggest impact is the continued elevation of service and results to our clients. Looking forward to triaging additional processes in the future.

Jason Donovan
Jason DonovanMarketing & AdvertisingCardinal Web Solutions

What impressed me most of all was how quickly the work was accomplished.  Process Triage is a methodology that very rapidly captures the “current state”, along with moments of truth and pain points.  The power of Process Triage is that the work is done collectively by our own subject matter experts, resulting in a high level of agreement and ownership.  The resulting process map gave us an excellent starting to point to negotiate changes to our processes in a very intentional way.  One of our most immediate opportunities was to simply enforce policies that we already had in place!

Lance Floer
Lance FloerPresident and COOExcel Homes

Thanks for facilitating two days of excellent triage sessions. The teams felt that the sessions allowed everybody to better understand the process along with what improvements were necessary to make it better. This will definitely improve the engagement of the participants and help us improve the organization.

Prince Niyyar
Prince NiyyarCEOCommdex

As a trained Chemical Engineer, I am well-versed in process. When introducing Rosey to my groups, I make the exaggerated point that we don’t wake up every morning to the news that another chemical plant has blown up. Remember, these plants can involve volatile chemicals, high temperatures and high pressures. Yet it is very rare that such events occur. Why? Because the engineers built a process that works, time and time again. From design to modeling to construction, the process is clear and VISIBLE to all involved.

I know of very few business that are that clear about their processes. Most are invisible with no defined/documented process and procedures. Rosey’s Process Triage makes business processes VISIBLE. I have been adamant about encouraging ALL my members to take advantage of Rosey’s expertise and provide the process to truly take their businesses to another level!

Larry Hart
Larry HartGroup ChairVistage International

First off, I have personally spent maybe two hours face-to-face with ProcessTriage at the time of this writing. However, after a couple of days with my team in our off-season, they have somehow managed to create a quality, comprehensive map of our most critical processes and identify the areas where changes would be most accretive to our business results. Then, with their guidance, the team prioritized our own ideas for change and left with a systematically generated punch list of activities, complete with timelines and order of events. Very nice. And very annoying, if you want to know the truth. I generally don’t hire companies like this because I feel I would be better at it than they would. Usually I’m right. This time however, I have to admit that without them we would not have experienced an 18% decrease in seasonal labor on a 12% revenue increase year-to-date. I’m not saying they did all the work to get these results, a lot of the credit goes to Duane Turnbull, our VP of Manufacturing, but they were brilliant in the execution of what they do. And they have done this before. Clearly, they have done this before. The results speak for themselves.

Chad Zimmerman
Chad ZimmermanPresident and Chief Executive OfficerNationwide Learning

Meet our Founder

Joseph (Rosey) Rosenberger

Joseph (Rosey) Rosenberger

Founder & Consulting Facilitator

Rosey has facilitated high performance teams for twenty years, specializing in business modeling, workflow design and workflow problem root cause analysis. He used that experience to design Process Triage’s protocol.

He brings over 20,000 hours of actual team facilitation expertise gained in over 1000 workflow design and improvement workshops, task forces, and facilitator training opportunities.

He certifies Process Triage consulting facilitators and manages national accounts and affiliate relationships.

Certified Consulting Facilitators

Process Triage certifies consulting facilitators in our proprietary triaging protocol. Please contact us  for the nearest available facilitator. We welcome certification request from established consultants with a robust facilitation portfolio. Additional information here

Process Triage Affiliates

Professional services firms that specialize in business process improvement (BPI) and organizational development (OD) have affiliated with Process Triage to provide triaging services as part of larger statements of work. We are pleased to recommend them when their services may fit your needs.

Our Triage Sponsor and Host Coaches Network

We are please to network you with other triage executive sponsors and hosts of processes similar to yours (as long as you are not competitors). They are delighted to compare notes and experiences.

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