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The Ultimate Thank You Note…

One of Process Triage’s core values is Elevate Someone, Somehow.  Meaning, leave each person we interact with no worse for the moment, while seeking something to add to them and elevate their life.  One does not condescendingly assume everyone lacks something only we can remedy.  It simply means we actively, respectfully listen to them — […]

Another Seth Godin jewel…

I’ve been a fan of Seth Godin for a couple of years.  His daily blog maintains an exceptional quality.  I probably bookmark two or three a month. This morning’s blog was about process improvement, PT’s sweet spot. Doing what he suggests begins with our culture — study and fix processes first; the people improvements will […]

What’s Your Process’s Triage Profile?

Let’s begin this New Year with something fresh and clean and thoughtful and, maybe, kick-butt useful to our integrators and operations lovers. Introducing our Process Triage Profile.  A Process Triage Profile paints a picture of what your immediate process improvement focus should be, according to your team that triaged the process. Recall, a Process Point-of-Pain is any […]

Use Triaging to Onboard Executives Faster

Occasionally there is a change in executive leadership after a Process Triage.  Naturally, the triagers wonder if their efforts will be supported, at best, or stalled out or stopped, at worst.   Since the process improvement proposals — the Small Now action items and Big Now project-size efforts are identified and prioritized bottoms-up, by the technical expert triagers, a change […]

Issue Processing Starts in the Amygdala

Fundamentally, Business Process Triaging is issue processing on steroids. It very structured, very fast, and very focused on the behaviors and events that inhibit an enterprise”s Driveshaft process from sustaining a required level of performance.  That said, issue processing is like a rifle cartridge — the bullet encased in a propellant-filled shell.  The ability to process an issue […]

How to Go to Your Go-To People

We know who our Go-To people are.  They’re the ones who Get It, Want It, and have the Capability* to accomplish what needs to be done, or can figure it out.  They are both an essential resource and, if they’re the only go-to for a skill, a big risk if they’re not available. How we go to our go-to people […]