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Joseph "Rosey" Rosenberger

Joseph "Rosey" Rosenberger

Nationwide & International

Rosey has facilitated high performance teams for twenty years, specializing in business modeling, workflow design and workflow problem root cause analysis. He used that experience to design Process Triage’s protocol.

He brings over 20,000 hours of actual team facilitation expertise gained in over 1000 workflow design and improvement workshops, task forces, and facilitator training opportunities.

He certifies Process Triage consulting facilitators and manages national accounts and affiliate relationships.

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Cindy Meyer

Cindy Meyer

Kansas City, US, Canada

Cindy brings many years of executive, entrepreneurial, and team leadership experience with her Process Triage® and Entrepreneurial Operating System® facilitation.

Prior to starting her own business in 2009, she was an engineering and operations executive in two Fortune 100 companies for more years than she wishes to admit. Her last role included strategic planning, operations reviews, major program management and process improvement support for a 10,000-person organization; basically strategy to goal. Her secret sauce was building it on a simple entrepreneurial model that works for any business.

There is nothing Cindy enjoys more than helping purpose-driven organizations make IT happen!

Call: 913-219-0635

Denise Foley

Denise Foley

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

As a senior executive with a Fortune 200 company, Denise provided the overall direction and leadership for the Payroll and Procurement departments, departments which she built from scratch. In that role, she analyzed operations to evaluate opportunities for potential cost reduction, process improvements and policy changes utilizing many of the concepts within Process Triage.

Through the course of process design and implementation, the payroll and compensation business unit delivered $4MM+ sustainable savings annually and the procurement business unit delivered, per category, 5-20% savings on $250MM+ in spend within 40+ categories, including 2%+ in rebates.

Denise believes the concepts in Process Triage are designed to grow profits and reduce cost… for any business! The longer you wait, the longer your bottom line suffers!

Call: 954-415-1613

Jake Kirpes

Jake Kirpes

Des Moines, Iowa

Jake Kirpes excels at working with organizations and their leaders to identify, develop, and convert market opportunity to business success. He has a passion for connecting financial metrics with organizational architecture, to benefit business and market development, project strategy and navigation, implementation, execution and more. Jacob’s professional experience spans a range of industries from healthcare to heavy manufacturing, higher education to continuous production, and agriculture to integrated systems.

Jake is an experienced team leader and a caring and focused coach, model, and mentor. He is a grounded crisis manager and conflict mediator, able to balance and support individual needs while clearly articulating accountabilities and offering straightforward, high-value feedback. Jake works with business owners and their teams to achieve what matters most, and has enjoyed being a facilitator and witness to the value Process Triage brings to creating high performance teams.

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Benjamin Berman

Benjamin Berman

New York, New York

Benjamin Berman, entrepreneur, business owner, and EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) Implementer, is Founder and CEO of 2 Pound Companies; a trio of successful companies in fitness, apparel, and consulting, respectively. As an entrepreneur, he has successfully sold a business at an 8x multiple, hyper-optimized others to consecutively beat sales and profitability records, and implemented EOS best practices on his own companies to keep his managerial burden to a minimum. Benjamin is also a regular contributor at Forbes and has been highlighted in Business Insider and other major business media outlets.

Through his work helping high performing teams be their best, Ben discovered Process Triage and found it to address a vital missing piece in the EOS system in addition to being a crucial tool for any organization that deals with processes in any capacity. The Process Triage workshops‘ speed and efficiency drew Ben to learn everything he could about the method; Process Triage’s impact on organizations convinced him to become a certified expert in it full time.

When he is not teaching boxing and self-defense, Ben’s greatest passion is coaching high-performance entrepreneurial leadership teams and helping them achieve their vision and optimize their processes. With his signature openness and enthusiasm, Ben invigorates even the most skeptical of teams and drives the no-nonsense Process Triage methodology in a way that engages employees and creates a powerful final product.

Call: 301-775-9229

Paul Osborn

Paul Osborn

Seattle, Washington

Paul was initially drawn to ProcessTriage because he recognized the power, simplicity, and beauty of Action - Results mapping. However, he became a Certified Facilitator after seeing how this one-day triaging process empowered and invigorated the participants to achieve greatness. As a ProcessTriage Facilitator, Paul emphasizes three things - the importance of the Process Capability Goal to create strategic alignment, the value of creating a common understanding of the Driveshaft Process, and the power of the transfer of responsibility for continuous improvement to the Triagers.

Paul is a founding partner of Balanced Hoshin, a management engineering consulting firm based in Seattle, Washington. Balanced Hoshin helps companies get the right things done. They do that through a combination of leadership tools and team coaching, all based on a belief that strategic alignment is the key to both corporate success and to workforce fulfillment. Balanced Hoshin focuses on effectiveness - not efficiency - because as Peter Drucker, the management guru, once said: “There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.”

Paul has been facilitating and coaching teams in process improvement, self-organization, and motivation for over ten years. Before that, he was a technology start-up entrepreneur, he directed product development at a multinational conglomerate, and he executed strategic governance at a SaaS healthcare company. Paul is an author and lecturer in Agile and non-traditional adaptive project management techniques and lives in Redmond with his wife and two cats.

Call: 425-605-7707

Sandy Cooper

Sandy Cooper

New York, New York

Sandy has lived a diversified 20-year career, with executive roles in companies such as Lifestyle Lift, BCBG Max Azria Group, Kellwood Company, Liz Claiborne, Jones New York, VF Corporation, The Limited, Estee Lauder, Procter & Gamble, Federated, and Frito-Lay.

She is a result driven process improvement executive with a talent for establishing stronger business practices that improve efficiency, build collaboration and improve speed to market.

Graduating from Cornell University with a degree in Design, as well as an MBA in Operations, she has continued to leverage knowledge into solutions to successfully lead business teams through very complex, fast-paced, and challenging economic climates. With expertise focused towards process improvement, her leadership roles at Senior Vice President levels have developed unique insight across Retail, Apparel, Consumer Goods, Aesthetic and Advertising industries.

Moving forward, Sandy continues to reach new levels and enter new markets. Her diversification in skill set combined with her strong communication characteristics enable her to succeed in a multitude of markets. While the global marketplace is changing so rapidly that it’s difficult to see beyond the next 5 years, reinvention is critical. With so many new markets, products, and brands to explore, she believes every day is a new opportunity to examine the best ways in which brand, product, and service can align with the needs of the consumer to reach new levels of success.

Call: 917-207-2908

Dean Russell

Dean Russell

Asheville, North Carolina

Dean Russell is a certified Process Triage Facilitator. He has worked in public and private sectors as a Certified Quality Auditor and Efficacy Expert for many years. He noticed that the best programs he implemented (ISO 9001, Kaizen, Lean, Gemba Walks, Balanced Scorecards, 5S) all worked best when they were made simple and easy to understand. The worst programs created a dependence on outside experts.
In Dean’s words, “I’ve audited and helped companies grow, and audits which led to companies going out of business. I have been in the trenches for rough decisions.

After the audits, I was the messenger.

A lot of you know what happens to messengers.

That messenger frustration started my zeal for preventing train wrecks. I wanted organizations to get in front of their problems. I knew the problems were preventable and avoidable. Process Triage is the best way to mitigate problems.”

Dean is also a Traction Expert (EOS) implementer with a project management background and certified in Six Sigma. He is an expert in configuration management, leadership training, business systems, and business analysis. He has been a quality director for a medical device company with annual sales of $800 million, and COO for a wealth management firm. He has conducted keynote speeches nationwide on topics including Project Management, Time Management, Change Management, Conflict Management, and Effective Leadership. His focus is real, simple, results.

He is proud to be on the Process Triage team.