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Joseph "Rosey" Rosenberger

Joseph "Rosey" Rosenberger

Nationwide & International

Rosey has facilitated high performance teams for twenty years, specializing in business modeling, workflow design and workflow problem root cause analysis. He used that experience to design Process Triage’s protocol.

He brings over 20,000 hours of actual team facilitation expertise gained in over 1000 workflow design and improvement workshops, task forces, and facilitator training opportunities.

He certifies Process Triage consulting facilitators and manages national accounts and affiliate relationships.

Call: 913-269-3410

Cindy Meyer

Cindy Meyer

Kansas City, US, Canada

Cindy brings many years of executive, entrepreneurial, and team leadership experience with her Process Triage® and Entrepreneurial Operating System® facilitation.

Prior to starting her own business in 2009, she was an engineering and operations executive in two Fortune 100 companies for more years than she wishes to admit. Her last role included strategic planning, operations reviews, major program management and process improvement support for a 10,000-person organization; basically strategy to goal. Her secret sauce was building it on a simple entrepreneurial model that works for any business.

There is nothing Cindy enjoys more than helping purpose-driven organizations make IT happen!

Call: 913-219-0635

Denis Foley

Denis Foley

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

As a senior executive with a Fortune 200 company, Denise provided the overall direction and leadership for the Payroll and Procurement departments, departments which she built from scratch. In that role, she analyzed operations to evaluate opportunities for potential cost reduction, process improvements and policy changes utilizing many of the concepts within Process Triage.

Through the course of process design and implementation, the payroll and compensation business unit delivered $4MM+ sustainable savings annually and the procurement business unit delivered, per category, 5-20% savings on $250MM+ in spend within 40+ categories, including 2%+ in rebates.

Denise believes the concepts in Process Triage are designed to grow profits and reduce cost… for any business! The longer you wait, the longer your bottom line suffers!

Call: 954-415-1613