A CEO’s Perspective: The Most Critical Thing I learned From Process Triaging

One of our Core Values at ProcessTriage® is to measure ourselves by our customer’s successes. Their celebrations drive our celebrations.

Merideth Shay, CEO of InCord®, a custom safety netting manufacturer and Vistage® International member sponsored a Process Triage session last spring. We triaged their core Lead-to-Cash process. Merideth reports the following outstanding results:

The team was able to complete every single issue that arose! I had to remind them to celebrate as the were just focused on working the next set of issues. It was a huge accomplishment and it brought together people from different departments in ways that they didn’t necessarily have the language or understanding of how to connect, or how they affected each other, before the process triage. [The triaging workshop] trained our team on the art of discussion, listening and negotiating priorities and concerns with each other. Now we have a way to prioritize the concerns related to a project and mitigate risks — everyone is heard.

We have positive growth with sales without changing the number of employees.

Most importantly, we have a company excited about sales, knowledgeable about the process from Sales to Cash, and empowered to make decision now that they know what considerations they need to make for the other departments / parts of the process.

The most critical piece of knowledge I learned from ProcessTriage® is that it is okay and natural, that as you grow the process will break at some point in it and need to be fixed. It’s given me the language and the confidence to assure our employees that the heart of InCord — our culture, doesn’t have to change, but our process will continually change as we grow.

Meredith’s insights and observations are almost point-for-point what we — ProcessTraige® represent in our marketing and messaging. We strengthen team collaboration, accountability, and emotional intelligence around their shared processes.

The InCord Triage Team (Courtesy InCord, Inc.)

P.S. A special shout-out to Will Henrickson, Merideth’s Vistage Chair for introducing us.