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What Is Your Punchline?

If you come to social media for the occasional inspirational post that’s related enough to business to justify the otherwise non-productive moment, this post should satisfy. It’s a twenty minute 2017-posted TED Talk® by comedian Michael Jr. about how stand-up comedy works. How life works. How comedy and life are about the set-up and the […]

2020 Rhymes With 1942: A national scramble.

If “History never repeats itself, but sometimes it rhymes.”, attributed to Mark Twain, then this year (2020) rhymes a lot with 1942, our first year of WWII. That war’s first year was, in hindsight, a shambles of fear, mobilization chaos, military missteps, and emergent leadership. We began a moral descent into the obscenely violent, making […]

One Minute Process Mastery Tip #1: Fix The Ball Before the Player.

This One Minute Process Mastery Tip is the first in a series of my pay-it-forward observations focused on solving business process failures (and spotting opportunities). Each tip is succinct, practical, and proven. Enjoy. When a process fails somewhere — such as a deliverable is late or its quality disputed or costs too much, don’t conclude […]

Will We Find the Balance Between Justice and Mercy?

Here follows some random thoughts about the current state of affairs, this Juneteenth. I have just recently had an implanted cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) discharge that seized my undivided attention. Thirty-five joules of joy! I am undergoing a treatment plan for myocarditis (heart inflamation) that has made me reflective. Please indulge me. From antiquity we learn […]

Will We Be the Next Greatest Generation?

Friedrich Nietzsche opined, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” I suspect he said this when was a young man, when he likely thought himself immortal. Older men, as I now am, understand quite clearly that many things can actually kill you! Anyway, as I post this blog, the United States recorded 558 […]

Judge Crisis Leaders By Their Course Corrections

This is a post as much to myself as to my readers (Thank you!). I have spent most of my professional life facilitating teams from good to great business process improvement to dumpster fire-interventions. Regarding these crises events, there are two kinds of work: first, solve the immediate problem and stabilize the situation, then secondly, […]

What will the post-COVID-19 New Normal Be?

This is a follow-up “WHAT IF?” post to my COVID-19 epidemic Process Triage analysis. The COVID-19 Virus pandemic may be a generational calamity if the morbidity forecasts prove true. It will pivot our national narrative to a new normal. Again — IF the morbidity forecasts prove true over the next few months. If so — […]