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Will We Find the Balance Between Justice and Mercy?

Here follows some random thoughts about the current state of affairs, this Juneteenth. I have just recently had an implanted cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) discharge that seized my undivided attention. Thirty-five joules of joy! I am undergoing a treatment plan for myocarditis (heart inflamation) that has made me reflective. Please indulge me. From antiquity we learn […]

Will We Be the Next Greatest Generation?

Friedrich Nietzsche opined, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” I suspect he said this when was a young man, when he likely thought himself immortal. Older men, as I now am, understand quite clearly that many things can actually kill you! Anyway, as I post this blog, the United States recorded 558 […]

Judge Crisis Leaders By Their Course Corrections

This is a post as much to myself as to my readers (Thank you!). I have spent most of my professional life facilitating teams from good to great business process improvement to dumpster fire-interventions. Regarding these crises events, there are two kinds of work: first, solve the immediate problem and stabilize the situation, then secondly, […]

What will the post-COVID-19 New Normal Be?

This is a follow-up “WHAT IF?” post to my COVID-19 epidemic Process Triage analysis. The COVID-19 Virus pandemic may be a generational calamity if the morbidity forecasts prove true. It will pivot our national narrative to a new normal. Again — IF the morbidity forecasts prove true over the next few months. If so — […]

Process Triaging COVID-19

Note: This 3/10/2020 post was last updated on 3/13/2020 to reflect my latest thinking. How we think about caronoviruses is important. They are a deadly threat to the immunologically compromised. This post applies the ProcessTriage® Protocol to the COVID-19 virus epidemic. Here’s my triaging narrative so far: The COVID-19 epidemic is a Process Pain Point. […]

How Business Can Be the Highest Expression of Righteousness

I have often closed my Process Triaging for Executives talk and exercise with a reflection on my father’s (OBM) commentary on the Declaration of Independence. Because business processes are constantly stressed and break as the company succeeds and grows, continuous process improvement is a pursuit, not an objective one satisfies. As dad admonished, the pursuit […]

Hat Tip to an Amazing Vistage Chair

Not long after I hung the ProcessTriage® company shingle, an early successful client introduced me to Vistage International chairperson Jeff Hutsell. We outlined a talk and practical exercise in Business Process Triaging for Executives and tested it with one of his peer advisory groups. This promising start in 2013 led a satisfying presence on the […]

Beginning 2020 with Thankfulness

The beginning of a new year is a fitting occasion to pause, facing forwards with an optimistic anticipation, out feet grounded in rational calculation. We expect to succeed. We will focus on the important, sweat the details and live our core values. One of these values includes “Make every touch a referable experience.” So hat […]

A CEO’s Perspective: The Most Critical Thing I learned From Process Triaging

One of our Core Values at ProcessTriage® is to measure ourselves by our customer’s successes. Their celebrations drive our celebrations. Merideth Shay, CEO of InCord®, a custom safety netting manufacturer and Vistage® International member sponsored a Process Triage session last spring. We triaged their core Lead-to-Cash process. Merideth reports the following outstanding results: The team […]