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Business Process Stress Testing

When you set new performance goals, consider stress testing the business processes that deliver the goals. Process Triaging is a good way do this testing. The triage findings — all generated by your own experts, indicate the types and sizes of improvement proposals your team says it will take to meet your goals. Process Triaging generates […]

An OFFER to triage the 1st Amendment Peaceable Assembly Process – Travel Expenses Only – First 5 Requesting Jurisdictions

Long Post Notice THE OFFER: I offer my company’s Process Triaging Service to any Jurisdiction seeking to establish and sustain a best practice for hosting satisfying Constitutionally peaceable assemblies for all stakeholders in such events.  The fee for this facilitated triage service is reimbursement of travel related expenses (refundable coach-class air, Marriott Courtyard-class lodging, rental […]

Recommending a great EOS® Compatible App — Traxion.io

People like us are running on the Entrepreneurial Operation System — EOS®. Having watched my fellow business owners struggle with multiple spreadsheets and to-do lists, I have been looking into EOS® compatible apps, and am impressed with Traxion.io. I encourage you to check it out. The app includes the EOS 5 Foundational Tools and will […]

The Process Triage Origin Story

I love to hear and read company origin stories.  Founders enjoy telling them. Bob Bender (my manager) and I knew we had something special when the first team to “triage” their process gobsmacked us. I can still fill the rush. Hat tip to Virginia and Carol, who were there at the beginning. The “DS-3 (a.k.a. […]

The Latest Data on Our Triaging Workshop Satisfactions.

We’ve known for some time why executives sponsor our team triaging workshop, succinctly listed by EOS®  Implementer Jonathan Smith. The Core ‘Driveshaft’ Process is Unclear This process is too complex The process works inconsistently The process’s lack of clarity is creating chaos They need stakeholder buy-in and ownership to change it They are in a […]

The Ultimate Thank You Note…

One of Process Triage’s core values is Elevate Someone, Somehow.  Meaning, leave each person we interact with no worse for the moment, while seeking something to add to them and elevate their life.  One does not condescendingly assume everyone lacks something only we can remedy.  It simply means we actively, respectfully listen to them — […]