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Two Things Needed to Optimize your Process Improvements

Leaders of a goal-oriented enterprises must design their organization to change. While that sounds obvious, designing an organization to deliberately change is a remarkable idea.  It requires one sustain a culture that welcomes and embraces adaptability. How else will we grow from less good to good, and from good to great? One thing we know from process triaging is […]

Small Team Process Triage Kit now Available

We’re delighted to announce, by popular demand, our Small Team Process Triage Kit .  It’s designed for small organizations and teams who seek a practical and effective team builder exercise that delivers a slate of process improvements to pursue.  The kit includes a self-paced workbook for the host manager or moderator.  It includes the necessary triaging materials […]

Igniteful Question #2 — The Bridge House, Milford, CT

Maybe this Igniteful Question will become a travelogue? I had the pleasure of dining at The Bridge House, in Milford, Connecticut last week, the evening before a Vistage talk with John Frank’s key leader group (which went well).  The Bridge House is a gastropub , a “…restaurant with a casual, relaxed atmosphere, similar to the English / […]

Catapult your EOS Issues Solving Track with Process Triage

One of Process Triage’s core values with our customers and clients is to Make Touches that Make a Difference.  We listen and look for a moment in each triaging engagement to add something of delightful value, above our expected scope of work. Sometimes a client touches us back. Like the touch of CEO Tory Schwope  of […]

Habits Create Events.

I’m not much on New Year’s Resolutions any more.  Mostly because the passing of a year doesn’t excite me much, as I’m on my 63rd lap around the sun.  I’m grateful and humbled to still be running laps, to be sure. What I’m left with, then, is a bit banal and boring — and perhaps […]

An Igniteful Question

My rabbi of almost 30 years, a genuine talmid chacham began a lesson saying, ‘Answers are easy, it is the questions that are hard.’  This speaks to the idea that questions are more elemental and full of potential, and in practice, ignite the imagination and inspire us to challenge our limitations. For example, I like to reward […]

A Time for Creating Moments That Matter

A casual examination of successful C-Suite leaders confirms they are highly motivated, exceptionally driven individuals — they have big motors. They are also touchers; they reach out to others.  They strike up conversations. They observe.   They pay attention. They recognize wants and needs and things of value. The most entrepreneurial of them commercialize the solutions to these needs […]

Money Isn’t Everything, It Just Pays for Almost Everything

The ProcessTriage® Decision Cycle (here)  for establishing and sustaining a culture of continuous business process improvement  begins with the Executive Voice (explained here) setting the organization’s overall Strategic Objectives.  A web search yields some typical examples, here, here, and here — all with a several categories or dimensions.   When we coach this step in the decision cycle, we insist […]

What is Process Triaging? in 2 Minutes

If you boil Process Triaging down to its first essential deliverable, it’s The List of process capability improvement proposals.  This list is created and prioritized for immediate execution by your hand-picked triage team. Here’s a 2 minute YouTube® clip about it — What is Process Triaging?  The List.  The facilitated Process Triage Workshop offers a number of other value propositions, such as team […]