Hat Tip to an Amazing Vistage Chair

Not long after I hung the ProcessTriage® company shingle, an early successful client introduced me to Vistage International chairperson Jeff Hutsell. We outlined a talk and practical exercise in Business Process Triaging for Executives and tested it with one of his peer advisory groups. This promising start in 2013 led a satisfying presence on the Vistage speakers program. I’ve given 85+ executive presentations with good review scores and followed on to work with well over a hundred Vistage member teams in all sorts of enterprises.

I’m reminded that we ride on the shoulders of our parents and mentors. My company’s customers would not have benefited from my company’s contributions, however small or big, without the Jeff Hutsell’s and the Vistage chairs who have offered sage advice. Here’s to a great organization!

With the amazing and gracious Vistage Chair Jeff Hutsell

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