Process Triage 911

Our ‘Process Triage 911’ service is designed for emergency, highest urgency business process interventions.  Call our service when you want the team that lives the process to solve it, and you want to show them they can, together, build a better process.  And it has your undivided attention.

We will scramble a Certified Facilitator to triage the distressed process. We are neutral and objective.  Leading teams to sort what to fix in the right order is all we do.  We’ll deliver a solid to-do list, proposed and owned by your go-to team members.

  • The triage result will be a prioritized list of tasks and projects for immediate implementation and process map similar to our flagship service.

  • You must have implementation resources queued to follow-up, including managers who can plan the implementation plan.
  • Text’ “PT 911” and your Contact Card to Rosey at 913.269.3410 or submit this form below.

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