Can Process Triaging Work for Small Teams?

I’ve struggled with how to respond to the many requests for process triage support from entrepreneurs and managers who simply don’t have the budget for our flagship, facilitated workshop (on a napkin here).  The short of it is the process mapping we do in the morning, as a team, creates a powerful end-to-end team identity and awareness that’s key to the triage’s final product. That level of effort takes an outside facilitator, especially if it’s a crisis situation.

Is there a way to triage without the team-created process map?

We think so, if its a very small team of no more than six people who know each other’s work and it’s not a break-fix house-on-fire situation. We’re talking about a generally capable team that welcomes more structure to a deliberate continuous process improvement culture.

With that in mind, I designed a Small Team Process Triage Kit. 

Small Team Process Triage Kit

Small Team Process Triage Kit

The kit contains the information, job aids, and supplies to triage a process without a robust process map.  Similar to our flagship workshop, the host manager presents their Process Capability Goal, then the triage team identifies Points-of-Pain. These pain points are addressed by the team’s nomination of Small Now & Big Now action items and projects, followed by their ranking of the entire set of proposals.  It’s designed to be four-hour team exercise with some pre-work by the host.  The host would still draft and submit their 90+Day Implementation Plan to their sponsor after the exercise.

This kit is only suitable for small teams that know each other’s responsibilities and don’t need more than a sketch of their process — something their manager / host could provide.  It’s not designed for cross-organizational process triaging.

So, if you’re looking for a small team team-builder exercise that delegates and elevates your continuous process improvement efforts — deeper into your team, this kit’s for you.

For now, we’re shipping only a hard copy version that includes a 32 page workbook and the materials necessary to perform the triage, available from our website.


Small Team Process Triage Kit now Available

We’re delighted to announce, by popular demand, our Small Team Process Triage Kit .  It’s designed for small organizations and teams who seek a practical and effective team builder exercise that delivers a slate of process improvements to pursue. 

Small Team Process Triage Kit

Small Team Process Triage Kit

The kit includes a self-paced workbook for the host manager or moderator.  It includes the necessary triaging materials including Points-of-Pain and Team Triage Proposal (Toe Tag) Cards.  It requires about 2 hours of preparation by the host moderator (the manager), a three to four-hour team triage meeting, and a few hours of post-triage host work to craft an implementation plan (should the sponsor require it.).  The kit does not include the signature Action>Result-style Process Mapping of our flagship full-day immersion workshop, so you’ll need to provide your own process map sketch.

The exercise reviews all the steps and deliverables of the ProcessTriage® Cycle and includes additional information about The Three Voices of High Performing Teams

DISCLAIMER: The Small Team Process Triage Kit does not not include the Certified Process Triage Facilitator coaching and process analysis baked into our flagship immersion workshop service. It does not include the very popular team-binding process mapping  exercise.  The kit follows our established, robustly filed-tested process triaging method for identifying process points-of-pain and nominating and prioritizing their solutions.