Two Things Needed to Optimize your Process Improvements

Leaders of a goal-oriented enterprises must design their organization to change.

While that sounds obvious, designing an organization to deliberately change is a remarkable idea.  It requires one sustain a culture that welcomes and embraces adaptability. How else will we grow from less good to good, and from good to great?

One thing we know from process triaging is cultures that successfully improve processes empower the teams that run them. It’s all about delegate and elevate. Professionals will take risks and overcome fears if they have a sense of control over what’s changing, why it’s changing, and when they need to get involved.

Continuously successful process improvements need winning improvement ideas and a funnel that finds the best of the best of these ideas.

Optimize Ideas & The Funnel that Finds Them

The ProcessTriage Cycle is an effective and proven way to fill a funnel with practical, actionable process improvements. Each idea solves a problem that prevents the process from performing to its goal.  The quality of your improvement proposals reflect the quality of your best team’s thinking. So check the ‘Great Ideas’ box ‘Done!’

Our field tested (over 1000 times)  triaging procedures are a model funnel, capable of processing about 25 improvement proposals per day with a dozen of your process experts — 25 ideas that more than fill up three to six months of improvement effort.

Great ideas + an effective funnel to find them.  That’s process triaging.

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